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Welcome to the next step in your healing journey

Are you searching for an experienced clinical supervisor to join you on your path to licensure? 

Are you searching for more than traditional talk therapy? 

Have you ever wanted to strengthen your intuition and trust your body? 

Do you experience anything paranormal? 

Are you grappling with grief, anticipating a loss, or wanting to explore your own existential beliefs or spirituality?


Is your spirit seeking profound energetic healing and a deeper understanding of your connection to your own innate wisdom?

Samantha is a licensed mental health therapist in Oregon, as well as a registered clinical supervisor, Reiki master, and professional hypnotherapist. Through many years of working in traditional mental health agencies and addiction treatment centers, it became clear that the deepest healing for patients often came when non-traditional offerings, such as energy work, were included in their therapy.

Clients with the desire to explore the area of parapsychology tend to gravitate naturally to her and together they explore a wide variety of topics such as past life experiences, apparitional experiences , near-death experiences, and beliefs related to spirituality, death, the paranormal, and energy. 


Samantha brings humor, compassion, empowerment, and vast specialty knowledge into the therapeutic relationship. She also designs groups and workshops, and provides clinical supervision.


Areas of special interest include: 

  • Reiki 

  • Clearing spaces

  • Grief & mortality

  • Paranormal & parapsychology

  • Past life regression

  • Clinical supervision

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